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Eliminate White Grubs

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The two approaches to controlling grubs, are curative and preventative. If grub damage has occurred spring or fall, your Cary, NC Weed Man will recommend a curative application at the time of damage to eliminate the existing population, followed by a preventative program.

Preventative applications are applied from May through July and are effective for up to six months. When grubs begin actively feeding during the late summer and early fall, the product is in place to eliminate them. Annual preventative treatments provide you with peace of mind throughout the Cary, NC year.

If there is no interest in a preventative program, then curative applications can be applied after damage has occurred. A curative treatment applied by your Cary, NC Weed Man licensed professional quickly controls actively feeding grubs that can appear in spring and/or fall.  This treatment can be watered in to move product into the soil faster. Children and pets may play on treated lawns after the product has dried.  If you have a question of whether or not the lawn is dry, waiting 24 hours is suggested. This treatment will not fully revive the damaged grass.

Refer to the Grub Fact sheet for more information.