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Lawn Disease Control

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Diseases in Cary, NC lawns range from cool season brown patch and grey leaf spot to dollar spot and large patch. Diseases in the turf are difficult to detect and diagnose, therefore two approaches can be considered to control disease activity in your NC lawn. You must decide whether you want to take a proactive or reactive approach.
If you choose the proactive approach, Weed Man Cary, NC offers a program with regularly scheduled applications throughout the year, preventing disease damage to your NC lawn. If you choose the reactive approach, your disease control begins with the identification of the disease causing damage to the lawn. Weed Man Cary, NC professionals are trained to identify the disease responsible for the damage. This knowledge is used to apply the correct fungicide as needed.
Once detected and corrected with properly applied control products, your Weed Man Cary, NC professional can help you adapt your cultural lawn practices to assist in lessening future disease problems.