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8 Things You May Be Doing that Lead to More Weed Control Problems

Learn 8 things you may be doing to cause weed control problems.Weeds are one of the biggest frustrations when it comes to lawn care – especially when you put forth so much effort into eliminating weeds.


Taking care of your lawn and controlling weeds is a huge undertaking. You may be doing things that are counterproductive to controlling weeds.


If you’re experiencing weed control problems, it could be due to some of these common mistakes.

1. Mowing Too Soon After an Application

After a weed control application, always follow the instructions on your invoice or material label, regarding how soon you can mow your lawn. In most cases, there’s a waiting period before you can mow your lawn. This allows the weed control product to be absorbed into the weed, getting to all parts of the plant.


If you mow immediately after (particularly when the lawn is very tall), you may end up with weed control problems with some weeds that won't die, because the product didn’t have time to fully move throughout the plant. At Weed Man, we always leave instructions with your invoice on how soon you can mow after various applications, so be sure to check these tips. Some granular products, have no restrictions while others do.

2. Watering Immediately

Prevent the lawn from being irrigated immediately after treatment. Liquid weed control should be allowed to dry on leaf surfaces. Depending upon the temperature, humidity, and the wind, this can take up to several hours.


Sometimes in dealing with Mother Nature this is unavoidable. An immediate, light rainfall doesn’t necessarily mean you're going to have weed control problems. A portion of weed control products are best absorbed by the roots of the plant. After 10-14 days, if weeds are not showing any signs of demise, call your lawn care company for a complimentary service call.

3. Unchecked Soil pH Issues

Learn 8 things you may be doing to cause weed control problems.Certain types of weeds prefer acidic soil. Not addressing soil pH issues through corrective lime applications could lead to weed control problems. If you’re unsure of your soil pH, speak with your lawn care professional. They can give you more specific recommendations on soil amendments for your lawn.


Correct pH will allow your lawn to absorb the needed nutrients from the soil. This reduces weed control issues, leading to a fuller lawn that will discourage the weed growth.

4. Not Addressing Soil Compaction

Aerating your lawn won’t get rid of weeds, although it will help alleviate soil compaction. This will provide an ideal environment for turf, creating better conditions for a fuller lawn. As the lawn becomes thicker and fuller, the thin and weak areas are eliminated. Weeds by their nature tend to grow where the grass is thin.


Grass will develop deeper roots and grow more quickly in soil that is aerated each year. If your lawn has thin areas, overseeding when aerating, help fill in areas that are commonly plagued with weeds.

5. Mowing Too Low

Learn 8 things you may be doing to cause weed control problems.Properly mowing your lawn is one of the most important tasks in keeping your lawn healthy and preventing many weed control problems. In North Carolina, it’s recommended that you mow your fescue lawn to a height of 3.5 to 4 inches. The tall mowing height helps maintain soil moisture by shading the soil. This in turn reduces weed growth due to their inability to compete for soil and sunlight.

6. Poor Soil Fertility

Unlike turf, some weeds will grow in soil with low nutrient levels, which is why it’s so important to maintain a consistent fertility level in your soil throughout the year.


Your lawn care professional will ensure your lawn has the proper nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy, and discouraging certain broadleaf weeds.

7. Using Low-Quality Grass Seed

Learn 8 things you may be doing to cause weed control problems.Choosing the right grass seed for overseeding your lawn may seem like an easy task,  but sometimes homeowners make a costly mistake when choosing a seed mix. Don’t be misled by popular brand names or attractive packaging. It’s important to always read the label to see what’s in the seed mix.


Some grass seed you will commonly find at your local home and garden store, contain weed seed. Even if it’s only a small percentage of the bag, this could be thousands of seed. Adding just a small amount of weed seed into your lawn can cause significant weed control problems. It’s beneficial to pay a premium for a higher quality seed mix with no weed seed.


Working with a professional lawn care company, such as Weed Man, will give you peace of mind knowing they’re choosing the highest quality grass seed for overseeding.

8. Not Addressing Lawn Stress Factors

Insects, disease, drought and crabgrass, stress your lawn, causing areas to become thin. If you don’t address these stress factors with proper irrigation or necessary lawn care treatments, the grass will die. When the grass dies, weeds fill in these areas, leading to weed control problems that takes time to reverse.


If you notice any thin or dead areas in your lawn due to these factors, it’s important to address them immediately with the proper processes.

Working with a Trusted Lawn Care Professional

Learn 8 things you may be doing to cause weed control problems.Keeping your lawn strong and healthy is a critical step in controlling weed growth. By working with an experienced lawn care professional, such as Weed Man, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive lawn care program that addresses the factors above.


Lawn care is a partnership between you and your lawn care company. While they’ll do their part to help control weeds and keep your lawn looking its best, it’s important that you also follow up by properly caring for your lawn. By working together, you’ll reap the benefits of a thick green lawn with minimal weed control problems.

At Weed Man, we provide weed control and other lawn care services to the Cary, NC area. Learn more about how Weed Man can help you achieve a greener and healthier lawn by requesting a free quote.

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