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Fall Lawn Care FAQ

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

Each and every year we receive many of the same fall lawn care questions. With over 45 years in the lawn care industry, we know exactly what your lawn needs. You may be wondering: do I need to aerate my lawn? When should I stop mowing my lawn? Does my lawn still need water? Rest assured, Weed Man Cary, NC is here to answer all of your most frequently asked questions.

Q 1: Do I need to aerate my lawn?

A: Weed Man recommends that homeowners aerate their lawn once every year. While the frequency with which you need to aerate can depend on a multitude of factors, such as your soil type, aeration is vital for a healthy lawn.

Q 2: Why is aerating my lawn so important?

A: So you’ve heard that aeration is important, but you aren’t exactly sure why. Well, over time your lawn becomes compacted. This can be a result of heavy foot traffic, weather conditions, soil type and other factors. When your soil is compacted, it is much more difficult for oxygen, water, sunlight and vital nutrients to reach the grass roots. This inhibits your lawn’s growth and can lead to the development of a weak root system. Aeration helps relieve soil compaction, ensuring your turf gets everything it needs.

Q 3: How do I know when to stop mowing my lawn?

A: The time of year that you should stop mowing your lawn will vary depending on your exact location. If you live where it gets quite cold, you should mow your lawn right up until the first frost. If you live where there is a warmer climate, you may need to mow all year round! Weed Man’s golden rule is: if it’s still growing, keep on mowing!

Q 4: Do I need to water my lawn in the fall?

A: Your lawn’s watering needs change throughout the year based on the weather and growing conditions. During the summer months you will most likely need to water your lawn a lot more given that there is less rain and extreme heat (which leads to quicker evaporation). Once fall rolls around, many homeowners often stop watering under the assumption they no longer need to. It is important to continue to monitor rain levels in the fall and supplement with additional watering to ensure your lawn receives 1-1.5 inches of moisture each week.

Q 5: Do I have to rake fallen leaves?

A: Removing fallen leaves from your lawn is important whether you choose to rake or mulch them. Letting leaves sit over the winter months can end up suffocating your turf and contribute to the growth of fungal lawn disease. 

Q 6: Is fall a good time to seed my lawn?

This is dependent on where you live. Many southern areas will only seed in the spring. That being said, the fall offers cooler weather conditions paired with increased perception which creates ideal growing conditions for new seedlings. Seed germination rates are higher in the fall and in the spring compared to the summer due to extreme temperatures and dry conditions.

Q 7: Does my lawn need to be fertilized in the fall?

A: Yes! Fall is one of the most important times of the year to fertilize. After a hot summer your lawn needs help recovering. Fall fertilizing also helps your lawn build up stamina before heading into the winter, helping your lawn come back healthier and stronger next spring.
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