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The Best Time of Year to Treat Weeds in Your North Carolina Lawn

Learn the best time of year to treat weeds in your lawn.Weeds are present on just about every lawn, you will occasionally see the weed free lawn, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating to deal with. What’s frustrating is spending time treating weeds, just to see new ones pop up after the weeds you treated go away.


If you’re like many homeowners, you’re probably wondering the best time of year to treat weeds in your lawn. There are many different types of weeds, and they can be categorized into three different groups, spring , summer and winter. Before treating weeds on your lawn, it’s important to identify the weed and what steps you can take to eliminate them.

Why Do Weeds Grow in Lawns?

Learn the best time of year to treat weeds in your lawn.Weeds are a nuisance, and they’re something that every homeowner deals with at some time or another. If left untreated, weeds can completely take over your lawn, making it more of a hassle to get them under control.


The most important factor to help control weeds in North Carolina is to develop and maintain a thick, healthy lawn. Thick grass crowds out weeds by reducing the growing space and shading the soil, reducing the amount of weed seed germination. The weeds in your lawn thrive along the edges and in thin areas.


Weed seeds are spread in many different ways, including by wind, water, animals, mowers and people to name a few. They also spread by roots and rhizomes, spreading underground popping up nearby.


Many homeowners make mistakes with their lawn care that lead to more weed problems. This may include a soil pH that is too high or low, soil compaction and low organic matter leading to thinner turf.

Different Kinds of Weed Control in North Carolina

Learn the best time of year to treat weeds in your lawn.Growing a weed-free lawn isn’t an easy task, especially as more weeds pop up everyday. Weed control is split into two categories: pre-emergent and post-emergent.


Pre-emergent weed control interrupts the process of weed growth as they push through the pre-emergent barrier. It’s effective at reducing some grassy and broadleaf weeds, but not all. This is a common application included in many lawn care programs.


Post-emergent weed control tackles perennial and annual broadleaf weeds along with some grassy weeds. Post-emergent products control weeds after they have come up, rather than treating weeds before they germinate. For many weeds, post-emergent weed control is the only option for treatment.

Best Time of Year to Treat Weeds in Your Lawn

Weed control begins with proper management practices, which encourages thick grass. Some ways to take care of your lawn include:

  • Mowing your grass at the proper height

  • Properly watering your lawn

  • Applying fertilizer throughout the year

  • Adding soil amendments based on your soil’s pH

  • Aerating your lawn to relieve soil compaction


Learn the best time of year to treat weeds in your lawn.Even by following all of these lawn care best practices, weeds still may appear. Annual weeds grow for one season and are classified into three categories: spring, summer and winter annuals, based in the time of year they germinate. Seasonal weeds differ by appearance, growth habits and ease of control.


There are also perennial or biennial weeds. These weeds will appear to go away when the seasons change, but their root system stays intact, ready to emerge when conditions are favorable.


If you’re using a pre-emergent, this should be applied before the weeds germinate to help interrupt the growth process. For weeds already in your lawn, you’ll need to apply a post-emergent weed control product. The best time of year to treat weeds in your lawn depends on the type of weeds present.


As a guideline, weeds are best treated when they’re actively growing. Lawn care companies understand the timing of weed control applications and products used to get the most effective results depending on the time of year.


Working With a Professional

Learn the best time of year to treat weeds in your lawn.Controlling weeds isn’t easy, when you don’t know what type of weeds you have in your lawn or the best products to treat them. When it comes to weed control, your best bet is to hire a lawn care professional to do the work for you.

At Weed Man, we have experience identifying and treating weeds, and we know the best time of year to treat weeds in your lawn. Our weed control programs involve both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications to prevent weeds from germinating and control weeds throughout the year. All of our applications are applied by trained technicians.

Weed control isn’t a one time task. Weed control applications, along with regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering, will help minimize weed growth and give you the green, healthy lawn you desire.


At Weed Man, we provide weed control and other lawn care services to the Cary, NC area. Learn more about how Weed Man can help you achieve a greener and healthier lawn by requesting a free quote.

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