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Weeds Taking Over

Weed Season is Upon Us

Spring has finally sprung and warmer temperatures have arrived at last. In many parts of the country, lawns have come out of dormancy and are beginning to green up – certainly a sight for sore eyes after months of brown, brown, and more brown.  

Most lawn-loving homeowners know that once the grass starts growing, the weeds do, too. Unfortunately this is just part of the territory that comes with growing season. Plants everywhere – even the unwanted ones – are eager to sprout and create a dominating presence on the lawn. So what should you be doing now to help eliminate those unsightly weeds? While there’s no easy answer, Weed Man’s best advice is to try and be patient. While customers understandably want their lawn care providers to apply weed control treatments at the first sign of unwanted growth, waiting just a little bit longer will have huge benefits for weedy lawns.

Chickweed, clover, and dandelion. These are just a few of the weeds that cause major headaches for homeowners throughout the early spring season. While it is tempting to start fighting back against these lawn invaders as quickly as possible, it is important to keep in mind that the arrival of numerous other weeds is still on the horizon. Weed Man understands the growth patterns of all broadleaf weeds and knows the exact time to apply herbicides for optimal control. It is the goal of our technicians to treat all weeds in one shot, limiting any regrowth and the need for re-applications. By adopting this effective weed control approach, homeowners won’t have unsightly weeds popping up when they least expect it.  

Note: If you’re worried about the dandelions on your lawn going to seed by waiting, don’t fret. They’re going to seed regardless due to the thousands of seeds already in the soil. Taking action in the spring is your best bet. 

You can fight back against broadleaf weeds by maintaining a thick, healthy lawn all season long. Thin lawns with poor soil quality are more susceptible to dandelions and other weeds. Keeping your lawn thick and full through regular fertilization and watering, and cutting your lawn at a higher level will literally choke weeds out. 

And don’t forget to depend on your local Weed Man Lawn Care team. Our certified, trained lawn care technicians can help you get rid of weeds and achieve a lush, green, uniform lawn that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family.  
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