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8 Reasons to Give Up DIY and Hire a Lawn Care Service for your Cary, NC Home

If you are a do-it-yourself person, you might choose to apply this thinking to performing lawn care at your Cary, N.C. home. You may also believe that you can save money if you take care of your lawn yourself.


Due to distractions, incorrect information or weather, many homeowners miss the correct timing  to care for their lawn. They often guess at solutions, achieve undesired results and ultimately end up wasting money.


Here are 8 reasons to give up DIY and hire a lawn care service:

1. Doing Your Own Lawn Care Doesn’t Save You Money

Most homeowners think the DIY approach to lawn care is much cheaper than hiring a lawn care company. DIY lawn care may seem to save you money, but taking into account all the costs involved with DIY, in the long run will not. Consider these costs for lawn care materials and equipment:

  • $250 to $350 for a four-step lawn care and grub program that covers a 15,000-square-foot area, or approximately one-third of an acre

  • $30 to $50 annually for broadleaf, nutsedge and post-emergent crabgrass weed control materials

  • $60+ for a spreader

  • $40 to $120 for multiple sprayers for different materials


Consumer-grade equipment such as sprayers and spreaders, sometimes break over the period of a couple short years. However, hiring a professional lawn care service can relieve this frustration and in the long run save you money.

2. You Have No One to Call When You Use DIY Approach

Once the equipment and material have been purchased to perform your own lawn care, you may realize that you bought the wrong product, or not enough of it. Then, you spend more time and money to going back and forth to the DIY home center to resolve the issues.


If the results you achieve are not what you anticipated, there is no one to call at the DIY home center for help. You either spend more time driving back to ask questions or you are on your own. Professional lawn care companies know which products to use, and how much is needed. They also offer free return visits to resolve issues that arise.   

3. Mistakes Can Be Made When Performing Lawn Care at Your Cary, N.C. Home

Regardless of a homeowners’ best intentions, mistakes can happen with DIY lawn care. These mistakes include damaging grass from improper use of equipment, using excessive fertilizer or using the wrong weed control product. Sometimes when doing it themselves, a homeowner may think more is better, ultimately leading to lawn damage.


4. Taking a DIY Lawn Care Approach Could Lead to Problems Being Misdiagnosed

When homeowners see discoloration in their lawn, what do they do? They go to the internet, back to the DIY home center or ask a neighbor what they think is the problem. Spending time and money and not knowing for sure that the solution is the correct one. For instance, grub, disease and insect damage, even soil quality all cause similar signs of damage to the lawn. Incorrectly guessing which culprit has caused the damage, will cost you more  time and money and will not remedy the problem. Misdiagnosing or failing to recognize issues, prolongs the opportunity to correct and improve the problem.


Professionals are able to both properly diagnose and resolve your lawn care issues.

5. Lawn Care Companies in Cary, N.C. Will Get Better Weed Control Results

Weed control materials sold in stores and online may not always be effective in controlling weeds. Here are some drawbacks to think about when considering DIY lawn care in Cary, N.C.:

  • Separate products are needed to control nutsedges compared to other weed types.

  • Granular weed controls are difficult to apply and results often times unacceptable, compared to liquid options, at eliminating weeds.

  • Crabgrass pre-emergence rates and application methods must be correct in order to anticipate good control.


Professional lawn care providers have a wide range of products at their disposal, as well as the knowledge of how and when to use these products.

6. Your Schedule or Weather Can Interfere with the Right Time to Perform Lawn Care Applications

In regards to lawn care for your Cary, N.C., home, timing is of the essence. Depending on your turf type there are products and services that need to be performed at specific times of the year. Missing this timing will cause less than desired results.


When do it yourselfers miss these opportunities, problems may arise. That is where a professional can help.

7. You Can Free Yourself Up for Other Activities by Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Service in Cary, N.C.

If you perform DIY lawn care, it takes time to drive to the store, buy materials and drive home. Then, you have to get out the proper materials, measure and mix them, do the work, clean up and store everything away.


If you would rather not stress over lawn care, hire a professional to free up your time, to do other things that you love.

8. Lawn Care Companies Educate Their Customers

One of the positives to working with a professional lawn care company is education about their lawn. Many lawn care companies in Cary, N.C., educate their customers about proper mowing and watering practices and the realities of lawn care and what should be expected.

Weed Man’s Lawn Care Services in Cary, N.C. Can Help You Now!

Considering the money, time and effort that goes into DIY lawn care, hiring a lawn care company to perform these services is a better choice.


Weed Man’s experts use the right products at the right times and adhere to strict agronomic schedules. We are responsive to your needs and remove the burden so you can enjoy your life while we take care of your lawn. Educating and offering suggestions in the process.

Reach out to us now to help you take care of your lawn with proven results! Weed Man offers a variety of services in both the Raleigh, Cary and Wilmington, North Carolina areas. Contact us or give us a call today!